Transport / Deliveries

Sometimes the day just gets away from us, life is busy, throw kids, work, and day to day chores in the mix and you find yourself looking for time and stressing about picking up horse feed, getting your dog to the vet or groomer, going to puppy class etc. You may be recovering from surgery and unable to drive, or your vehicle is at the mechanic. Well stop stressing, Paws N Whiskers Pet Care Services are here to help you. Here to make life easier, more enjoyable, and more convenient. We can pick up, drop off, transport, deliver feeds, and anything yours and your pet's heart desires. Why simply skip the groomer? Why spend your own time worrying?

Vet appointment pick up / drop off

Grooming appointment pick up / drop off

Feed Delivery


Puppy classes pick up / drop off

Prices start at $30 

Email us now for an individual customised quote to suit your needs and budget


If cancelling a confirmed booking at any time, 30% of the total must be paid within 7 days of the cancellation. 

If you cancel 2 days or less, prior to the booking, 50% must be paid within 7 days of the cancellation. 

If you feel the reason for your cancellation should make you exempt from these fees, please contact me to discuss.

If you are to cancel and re-book for a later date, the fee must still be paid as the fee not only covers the work, but the reservation of the date and time slots saved. 

A new invoice will be issued to you re any cancellation fees, late payment will incur late fees, which are as followed



All invoices are given 7 days to be paid

Each day overdue, a 10% fee of the original total will be added

e.g. $100 which becomes 8 days overdue, will have $10 added every day until paid. 

If you feel you have a legitimate reason to have paid late, or are experiencing financial hardship, then please contact me to discuss