What is adventure education

With our dogs day out service becoming increasingly popular, I wanted to give you the opportunity to sit back and read what all the fuss is about. When it comes to regular dog training we all think of the general puppy classes, dog park visits, and dog trainers / board and train services. While all these are great options for your dog, and they do work, for me personally it wasn't the way I felt dogs could learn some important and common life skills that are often overlooked, like riding in the car, being around water, being exposed to other animals, meeting new people and visiting new places frequently.

I love the idea of dogs learning at their own pace, in a natural way that comes from exploration and experience. The basis of our sessions is that dogs can choose what they want to do when they are ready to do it, as well as consistent exposure to every day life things to better desensitize them to situations that may arise when doing things like moving house, going to the beach, travelling in the car, going in or near water, being around other animals, feeling confident in new places and more. Our dogs are not made to join in on any activities (except travel) that they are not ready for, and instead we let them learn from their peers who they trust.

Allowing the dogs to explore and do things by their own decision means that the learning doesn't feel like a chore to them, its non stressful, and there are no expectations. For example a dog who is unsure about water may hang around the shore line or just dip their toes in while the other dogs frolic and play, and they can observe and build self assurance that they too can enjoy these things. It may take one session, it may take 10, but we allow and encourage natural progression in all things so as not to create a negative association with any activity. When dogs come that have had minimal socialisation we do not push them to play with the group, instead we let them integrate as they feel comfortable and trusting.

When a dog is allowed to use personal experience to learn rather than more traditional methods such as training sessions, they build a deeper sense of mental contentment because all their real life practice feels as though it was totally within their control. The mind state dogs get from this is happier, more confident, and fulfilling. That's why we love our dogs day out

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