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Our top tips to help EXTEND the life of your pooch!

We have all said it, I know I have 'I wish dogs lived longer' or 'why can't dogs live as long as we do'. It's unfair, and its lame. While I can't give you any secret formula to help your dog live forever, I can offer advice on how to help prolong a dogs lifespan! If you follow any of these tips, or even just one, you will drastically help improve your dogs life overall!

DIET - You know it, I know it, and the dogs know it... they do indeed deserve all the treats! But you know that expression 'kill them with kindness' ... ? Yeah, that kind of applies here. Not only does excessive treat giving contribute to over feeding and weight gain, but it can start bad habits and decrease heart and other organ function. Now I'm not saying 'don't give your dogs treats', but definitely be mindful about what goes into their belly. Instead of the usual straps, rawhide, baked biscuits, and definitely no human food, instead swap for healthier alternatives and give in moderation. Some things dogs love, that are also low cal and safe for them include; carrot, baked pumpkin or sweet potato, natural jerky, and watermelon. In general, their meals should also consist of fresh meat, veggies, egg, sardines or tuna. Try to avoid too much kibble and canned foods.

EXERCISE - No, it doesn't just have to be a walk around the block, there are many ways to get active that both you and your dog will enjoy! Try to aim for 30 minutes a day to get your dog moving and exercised, whether it be a swim, a game of tug-of-war in the backyard, throwing a ball or frisbee at the park, or riding your bike with Fido running alongside. All these activities and many other forms of cardio will increase your dogs overall health and bodily function, keeping them fit and at the top of their game! And hey, if you don't have time, I know of an awesome company you can call *wink wink*

GROOMING - What? Yes! Going over your dogs body every second day at least will help you notice things like lumps, tenderness, ticks, sun spots etc, and you will be able to act on them sooner rather than later, before they become a serious health problem or concern. Familiarising yourself with your dogs body will also help you to become aware to issues faster than if your'e 'not sure if that freckle has always been that big' or 'was that lump always there?' The sooner you know, the better the dogs have a chance of overcoming any health problems be getting immediate attention from their vet.

VACCINATIONS - It's a simple and obvious one, and yet so many people forget or don't realise the importance. Dogs should all receive their correct puppy vax, plus a yearly booster for all. In Australia we have several virus's that can cause serious health problems and even death. These include parvovirus, parainfulenza, adenovirus, distemper virus, and others! The best form of defense is a good offense, and ensuring your dog is up to date with their needles will help keep them in the lowest risk percentile of contracting these dreadful and sometimes deadly virus's.

These tips will help keep your canines healthy, happy, and able to live an amazing full life! If you would love to know more about dog health, or have any questions, please comment below or send me an email! Or even click the chat box in the bottom right corner for a quick response. I love talking to you guys and assisting with all things 'pet care' in day to day life. Until next week.


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