Our top Summer fun ideas to do with your dog

Hey guys! Ahh finally! The weather is warming up, the sun is shining, cold mornings are done with for the year...yep..its almost SUMMER! My absolute favorite! I would like to stop however and take a moment to think of, and thank, those are are out fighting the fires across the state, while I am excited for summer, my heart absolutely goes out to all the wildlife, bush land, homes, and lives lost so far during these catastrophic fires. To our firemen and fire-women, you are all incredible, selfless, and amazing humans and we are indebted to you for your heroic services. Thank you.

While Summer is HOT yes, and a lot of people think 'uhh what am I supposed to do with my dogs? How will I keep them entertained while its 35 degrees outside?' Well fear not! I am here with all my awesome ideas on how to have fun during the next season, what you can do to keep your dog fit, healthy, and amused, so they stay in top shape and don't become bored and restless! Read on.

Lets get the first one out of the way... THE BEACH! Ohhhh my goodness, my dogs love love love the beach. Between the fun waves, digging in the sand, exploring, meeting new people, swimming, they just have a blast. Have you seen that recent video of the dog who found a clam at the beach? No? Youtube it, you wont regret it haha. Going to the beach means your dogs can cool off in the water, you can have splash, they will get bucket loads of energy release, and be chilled out and happy. And because I am so helpful, here is a list of a few awesome 'dog friendly' beaches you can visit! And PLEASE always remember to pick up after your dogs, and apply doggy sunscreen to any exposed for light skin such as noses and bellys, and also keep a leash handy with collars or harnesses on.

Sunshine Bay Beach, Batemans Bay

Pretty Point, Malua Bay

Manly Lagoon, Manly

Hordens Beach, Bundeena

Swan Lake, Shoalhaven

Culburra Beach

Currarong Beach, Jervis Bay area (My FAVORITE)

East Corrimal Beach, Wollogong area

If your dog isn't so much into the beach, there are also some incredible rivers and watering holes around The Southern Highlands you can take them to! Again, please ensure dogs are contained, and pick up after them. Keeping dogs contained on a leash and harness means they're safe, other dogs are safe, and local wild life are not threatened. Some spots to visit include

Berrima river, Berrima

Berrimer weir, Berrima

Carrington Falls, Robertson

Kangaroo Valley River - either under the bridge or down at Bendeela

Paddy's River, just off the highway at the Wingello turn off

Forty Foot Falls, just outside of Mittagong

Okay, so water fun is covered... what else?

There are SO many awesome recipes online for healthy, frozen dog treats, sort of like a puppy ice-block, which both humans and pooches can enjoy! Prep them all the evening before, pick a shady spot outside with your pup, and cool off in the afternoon with some icy snacks! Home made is the best because you know exactly what is in them, you can add anything from coconut water and watermelon, mango, strawberries, bananas! Seriously, check out Pinterest for endless ideas! We have tried so many and they're all delicious, natural, and refreshing!

While Summer is generally warm to hot all day long, in the early hours of the morning you can still get a nice long walk in, before the sun comes up and before the heat really settles in for the day. You could even drive to a hiking track or somewhere clearer, and watch the sunrise with your pooch! Not only will you have both gotten in some healthy movement for the day, but your dog will be rested and relaxed throughout the way while its warmer, rather than allowing energy to build and build.

From memory, the clam shell pools are maybe $15-20 from bunnings? You can throw your dog their very own mini pool party! Buy 2-4 shell pools, invite over your mates and their four-legged plus 1's, and in the early afternoon when the heat has started to drop, get the BBQ going, fill up the shell pools, throw some toys in such as tennis balls, kongs, ropes etc and watch the dogs go nuts splashing, playing, and running around. They will be so worn out they will sleep like a log all night, be happy from socialising, and remaining healthy from a high intensity workout. Dogs love spending time with their buddies as well, and while it will be too hot for a pack walk or dog park visit, a little pool party is the perfect way to keep them happy and cool.

While we are in drought I would discourage any of those systems you plug into the hose like a sprinkler that pulse the water at different speeds and intervals the dogs DO love to play in, but just aren't necessary with all the issues our country is currently facing.

And don't forget about our AWESOME Dogs Day Out service! Which you can read all about on our website under the Doggy Adventures tab, which does include swimming at kangaroo valley, and coming into Summer it will be more of a water based day! With possible beach trips included.

Thanks so much guys for taking the time to read my 'wise wise words' as always, haha. Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, question, or click the box in the bottom right corner to chat to me directly!

Until next week - Chenelle x

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