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Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Good morning, a lot of you know me, but some still may not. My name is Chenelle and I own and run 'Paws N Whiskers' here in the Southern Highlands. I started this business in 2016 to provide quality and honest pet care, something I felt the Highlands was lacking when it comes to home care. I want to start this blog as a way for you all to get to know me, know my staff, and get a real inside look at what we do. I also will be adding in information packed articles on pet care, fun facts, hot tips, gift ideas for pet owners, where to travel with your pet, and so much more. I currently write two articles Bi-monthly for the Southern Highlands Magazine, but love it so much I would love it to reach a larger audience that I can interact and engage with. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and stories with you all, and for now here is a little more on me!

I am 26 years old and currently reside in Berrima here in the Southern Highlands. I studied when I was younger with aspirations to become a vet, after working casually doing vet nursing I quickly discovered that it was not the career for me. As rewarding as being a vet or vet nurse is, I simply didn't have the heart to cope with all the death. This brought me down as I have a huge love for animals and their welfare and really wanted a way to share that with the world and make a difference in some way. I worked for a short while at a boarding kennel in Bargo, before having my first child and taking a break from the work force for a little while. I came back to work as a cook, feeling totally unsatisfied as to what I was doing with my life and where I was headed I tried a few more career choices before realising I needed to come back to the animal industry in some way. I researched my area and decided that opening a business to offer in-home care was going to be the way to go, the way for me to get back to my passion whilst also providing a quailty service. Three years on we have blossomed and have such a beautiful and extensive list of clientele, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I am so excited to now offer this more personal view into our lives and workings, and hopefully I will hear from some of you as well!

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Good bye for now,

Chenelle x

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