My Story

Why did I make the decision to bring high quality pet care at home in to the Southern HighIands? Because I have been where you are, I have experienced the stress, the disappointment, the worry. I have worked all day to come home to dogs that jump and bark and act silly, I have asked friends to help which led to things going wrong, and I cheaply paid cash to the guy down the road who said he could feed my pets, only to have him bail on me while I was away due to my dogs being 'too hard to handle' 


I felt like being a pet owner meant I now had to live a life consumed by them, unable to go out, chase a career, holiday when it was truly deserved. There were days I would think 'maybe this is all too much, and we can't have it all' ... But I knew that having animals in my life was something I found fulfilling, it made me happy, gave me purpose, and filled my home with so much extra love.

The more I voiced my issues, the more I discovered I was not alone. I had friends and family who had failed to go on vacation for years due to their pets, I heard from business owners who ran agistments from home saying they were run down, people who had dogs that would bark all day or try and escape the yard and dig holes. It wasn't just me, a lot of others felt trapped by their love of their animals, unsure what to do and who to turn to. 

With vet nursing behind me, animal handling experience probably dating from when I was first able to move and walk as an infant, a huge love for animal health and welfare, I knew exactly what I had to do and what life was calling for me to do. I thought about how tired, stressed, run down, and upset I had become, and I didn't want any other pet owner feeling this way. Owning pets should be a pleasurable experience, something we enjoy and gain from. You all should be able and allowed to enjoy a guilt free weekend away, without the thoughts in the back of your mind 'I hope my dogs are okay, I hope they don't come home sick from the kennel again' 'I hope my cat is getting her twice daily insulin, what if she has a turn? Will my neighbor know?' Having animals should not be a chore, it shouldn't become something we dislike or feel taken over by. 

All this is what prompted me to start Paws N Whiskers Pet Care Services. Assisting pet owners from Goulburn all the way up to Tahmoor, throughout the Southern Highlands, and the Hunter Valley Region to take back control of their time, have the freedom and the peace of mind that just makes life with animals that much happier and less stressful. Whether you just own pets and need help when away, or maybe you run an agistment and simply can't put your body through 7 days a week of work anymore, perhaps you're a breeder or own a lot of livestock and your animals began as your livelihood but now consume your lives, we can help you. Our goal is to work with you, not for you. We are not pet sitters, but so much more than that.

Please don't wait, start today to get your down time back that you know you deserve, come home to rested and relaxed pets, enjoy being a pet owner again. Call or email us anytime, we love making a difference and have helped 100's of animals and their owners already, now it's your turn

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