Meet Our Team

Chenelle Tregannon and Ruby the King Charles Cavalier


My name is Chenelle and I am the owner and founder of this amazing company. My love and passion for animals was very apparent from a young age. Going on to study animal studies, vet nursing, and working at a local boarding kennel I really have developed a thorough understanding and empathetic approach to all animals and their needs. I have worked around animals over the last 12 years and had various pets all my life from rats through to horses. 

Animal health and welfare is something that really drives me to provide the absolute highest quality of home care for your pets. I cant picture myself doing anything else.

A few fun facts; I also have 2 children who are the little apples of my eye. When I'm not working I love going camping, swimming, seeing my friends, and being outdoors. I have lived in the Southern Highlands since I was 4 years old and don't think I'll ever leave!



Tyler has been with us since day dot. (Possibly because he is also my partner haha) 

He loves all animals great and small and has a natural magnetism with them. His calm nature is definitely something everyone's pets seem to feed off, having even the silliest dogs and horses on their best behavior when he is around.

Tyler has a real go-getter attitude and no job is too hard or too much, he enjoys working above client expectations and is a favorite among them. He has been a real asset to this company and has such a positive and kind personality. 

A few fun facts; he is also my partner in life as well as business. He is licensed to drive trucks and enjoys working on them, and also has a passion for old cars and restoring them. In his spare time he enjoys welding furniture, wood working, being outdoors, and doing various kick boxing, sparring, and PT classes.

Amy Friedewald and Benson the Puggle dog


Amy started helping us out almost 4 years ago when we started in 2016, and recently has taken on a larger role. While she adores all animals, dogs are her passion. 

Her main role with us is performing home visits, and dog walking. She has been trained to follow our individualised weight loss and behavioural care plans and is extremely reliable and professional. She forms instant bonds with every dog she cares for and you can feel her warmth and dedication from your first meeting with her. She has extensive knowledge of dogs and is currently undergoing training and experience with all domestic pets.

A few fun facts; she enjoys crafts in her down time such as painting, knitting, and drawing (she is quite talented) Amy has her own dog named 'Benson' who is a beagle x pug and very cute! We met working at a local farmers market 4 years ago and have been friends ever since. She is probably the most honest person you will ever meet. 

Emelia Campbell and Bay gelding horse


A lovely young girl who has been with us since July 2019 and has made such a huge impact on the day to day running of the business. 

She has qualifications in both animal care and equine care and studies. Emelia has also worked for various racers and stud farms, as well as with the rehabilitation of Brumbies in NSW. 

She does a bit of everything from home care to dog walking, but her main focus with us is equine care. She has an incredible work ethic and beautiful positive attitude, as well as a huge affinity for animals.

A few fun facts; Emelia is extremely knowledgable in all things 'gardening' and even runs her own lawn mowing business. She enjoys 4 wheel driving and being outdoors. Emelia has two border collies and chickens at home who are all spoiled rotten. 



Lani is an energetic and creative energy that we love having as a part of our team. She comes with years of animal care experience, as well as a genuine love and compassion for all animals great and small. 

Whether its visits or dog walking, you can count on Lani to show your pets the love and care they deserve. 

Lani has her own dog 'AJ' who has had the pleasure of attending some of our dogs day out sessions, and she is currently studying to be a teacher, and regularly appears in local theatre productions. 



Rachael is our wonderful Hunter Valley manager, she coordinates and runs our Singleton location and takes care of all our northern clientele 

Rachael has experience with both domestic pets, horses, and livestock, and comes with a wealth of knowledge on all scopes of animal care. She covers all aspects of care from dog walking to pet care to overnight stays, as well as ensuring client satisfaction 

She has a menagerie of her own animals, as well as being a mother to her adorable young boy. She attends pony club regularly and is an adventurous outdoorsy woman who we love having as part of our team