Equine Care

Horses are incredible animals with vastly different needs to regular domestic pets. They require more complex feeding schedules, are often harder to tell when sick, are more susceptible to health issues, and require a high level of experience to handle and work with. 

It can be tricky to find time to stick to your horse and ponies constant maintenance, which can mean less time to ride, higher risk of things such as stomach ulcers when feeds have to be missed or heavily delayed, or paddocks can become overrun with manure!

We are here to give you more time spent bonding and riding, and less time cleaning, feeding, and stressing! Would you love to ride once you get home from school or work? But need to spend time feeding, grooming, cleaning tack, and all that fiddly time consuming work? Or would you LOVE to be able to actually go away on holiday, and not stress about your gelding who is prone to colic? or your typical TB mare who seems to have a new abscess every month?

Paws N Whiskers Pet Care Services want to give you that freedom and time! We can feed, so you can come home and ride! We can visit 3+ times per day to health check, feed, rug, and clean paddocks so you can holiday and RELAX. 





Wound Care


& more!

Our experienced, reliable, and knowledgeable staff will care for your equine companions with finesse, efficiency, consideration and love!

Prices starting from $30 - or ask about our payment plans

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Amazing care & attention to detail from Chenelle. Thank you so much for taking such good care of our precious furry & feathered pets.


Highly recommend wonderful Chenelle and Tyler at Paws N Whiskers! Very experienced, reliable, friendly people... have helped me on more than one occasion with my horses, chickens, dogs and cat... I wouldn’t consider looking anywhere else.