Home Care

Our home care visits mean you can feel total peace of mind, and relax knowing your animals are being treated exactly how they deserve. We take the stress and inconvenience out of trying to find a kennel, asking friends or neighbours, and worrying about how your pets will feel away from home. Your animals will be content in their own environment, at no risk of illness, no added stress of new animals in a new smells and surroundings, and staying in their familiar routine. During a prior meet and greet you can gauge how your animals react to us, and get a feel of just how much your pets mean to us. Their health and welfare is our number one priority. You will be kept updated daily on how they are through recaps, photos, video, and more. How great to be on holiday, or at work, or goodness forbid unwell, and knowing your precious pets are totally taken care of


Home visits involve coming to your property (up to three visits per day) and carrying out all care tasks in your personalised care plan. Each care plan follows the basic package we offer, which includes;


Water Replenishment

Medication Administration

Transport to the vet if required

Transport to groomers if required

Cleaning up after your pet

Physical checks to ensure optimum health, ensuring no cuts, ticks, swelling etc

Loads of love!


To this you can add literally anything you like! We strive to provide the same love and care that you would yourself, so whether your kitty requires exactly 50 strokes with the brush each day, or your horse only eats straight carrots, or even if your your dog gets tucked in at night with a book, we will cater to all their familiar needs and follow their routine to the letter. Each care plan being unique means we can we can also work to your budget and schedule.  Sound perfect? Send us an email!


Paws N whiskers also offer over-night stays which still involve everything our home visits do, except that your animal will have 24 / 7 supervision and company if that is something more fitting to your animals care requirements. Staff also bring their own food and will wash and dry linen on the last day for extra health and safety precautions. Overnight stays also provide the security of not having your home empty for the entire duration of your absence

Complimentary services we offer include bin and mail collection, watering plants and cleaning (e.g vacuuming) As well as picking up fresh bread and milk (or anything of your request) for your return.

Just what you're after? Send us an email!

Prices start from as low as $30/ day for home care

Over night stays start at $150/ night

Ask about our payment plans

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Great service. Came home today to healthy and happy babies. Chenelle and Savannah went above and beyond to send pics and keep me update while I was overseas. I know I can go on holidays and my babies will be in good hands.Thank you so much. I would recommend this service again and again.


Chenelle and her team at Paws N’ Whiskers are wonderful. They are efficient, professional, organised and their service is very personalised. It’s also quite clear they have such love for animals and they care for our animals as though they are their own.
I highly recommend them to anybody who needs a helping hand for pet related services.
5 stars!


Chenelle provides the most amazing service looking after my fur babies. Chenelle & her team go above and beyond to ensure everyone is happy and healthy when I’m not home. They truly take the stress out of being away from home. I can’t thank them enough for all that they do. I highly recommend Paws n’Whiskers.


Chenelle & her team have been amazing! Providing my dogs with quality reliable care & peace of mind for me. Great communication skills & very accommodating of the constant changes to my schedule. Highly recommend 


If cancelling a confirmed booking at any time, 30% of the total must be paid within 7 days of the cancellation. 

If you cancel 2 days or less, prior to the booking, 50% must be paid within 7 days of the cancellation. 

If you feel the reason for your cancellation should make you exempt from these fees, please contact me to discuss.

If you are to cancel and re-book for a later date, the fee must still be paid as the fee not only covers the work, but the reservation of the date and time slots saved. 

A new invoice will be issued to you re any cancellation fees, late payment will incur late fees, which are as followed



All invoices are given 7 days to be paid

Each day overdue, a 10% fee of the original total will be added

e.g. $100 which becomes 8 days overdue, will have $10 added every day until paid. 

If you feel you have a legitimate reason to have paid late, or are experiencing financial hardship, then please contact me to discuss