Frequently Asked Questions

What animals do you cover / are you experienced with?

All! There are no animals we cant care for. From the furry or feathery, or the scaly or slimy. Our staff all have multiple areas of expertise. Check out our pet sitting page for more info!

Do you board at your own home?

We only boards small animals; rabbits, birds, chickens etc. We are able to refer you to other home boarders depending what are you are in that we know and trust.

What do your services cost?

It is best to contact us for this, as all care plans are customised to your animals exact needs, to best suit their lifestyle and your budget. We always ensure you receive the best possible price for the highest care standard.

How do you differ from other pet sitters / dog walkers?

The level of love and care we provide, as well as the lengths we go to to keep you and your animals happy. We go above and beyond and have an amazingly high customer satisfaction rate. All our team are trained how to respond in emergency situations and have incredible work ethic and respect. I do not refer to us as 'pet sitters' as we are so much more than that. All our carers are either highly trained, qualified, or currently undergoing education and training. Our level of care and goals for you and your animals is far beyond a regular pet care provider.

Do you do group walks?

We can, however for more than 4 small dogs, and more than 3 large dogs, we assign 2 walkers. This is for both the safety of your pets and my staff. Some people are happy to walk multiple dogs on their own, far more than one person can manage. This is not how we run things, the situation needs to be under control of the walker(s) at all times, be able to react appropriately in emergency situations such as a dog attack or snake bite. We do group outings however with a set ratio of staff to dogs, please check out our Dogs Day Out page

What area do you cover?

We cover from Goulburn, through to Tahmoor. This includes the Southern Highlands and all surrounding suburbs. We also are located in Wollongong and the lower Hunter Valley region, we do have a 'Service Area' page which you may find helpful or send us and email to check

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely, and all of our sitters exclusively carry their own insurance as well which covers both animals in care and animals in transit