Dogs Day Out

Our Dogs Day Out adventures are the most epic, fun, and natural way to get your dog healthier both physically and mentally! The service is "adventure based education" which means the dogs are having such a great day that they don't realise they're also learning important life skills in the process. The day is great not only for assisting with fitness while we run, play, swim, hike, and more, but also for building confidence, friendships, social skills, and general lifestyle experience to help your pooch be the BEST they can be, all while having a blast!!

We pick up AND drop off your dogs for your convenience, then we head off for four hours of exercise and activities. Your dog will get to have VIP access to several private and lush properties complete with water days, paddocks, livestock exposure, machinery exposure, new people to meet, as well as our hikes around local tracks and trails. Every part of our session plays a part in your dogs physical, mental, and emotional progression and we can even assist with current problems you may be facing. 

Your pup will gain new social skills and manners, learn to feel confident around new sights, sounds, and smells, become accustomed to and excited by car rides (if that is currently a problem area), build their cardiovascular health and aid with muscle maintenance, and so many other benefits it would be crazy to list them all! 

Not to mention it is a great way to add extra mental stimulation to their regular routine and break up the week. Our crew adore our doggy days out and its easy to see why with all the natural play and exploration that goes on, its just an epic adventure to them week after week! If you head over to our Facebook page or Instagram, you can check out loads of our video content that shows awesome footage of many of our outings! 

Connect with us today to find out how your dog can be a part of these epic sessions!